2018 Rotax Junior-Max

In 2018, Eoin Grady is competing in the Junior-Max Class, using  Rotax Max Junior  engines, producing 17 kW / 23 hp at 8.500 rpm

Rotax Max Junior Engine photo
Rotax Max 125cc Junior

25th March 2018 : UKC Round 1

UKC Round 1 photo
UKC Round 1

A great start to the 2018 season saw Eoin take the chequered flag to win Heat 1.  Second place in Heat 2 was followed by another win in Heat 3.  A superb drive from Pole Position to win the final was a great finish to the day’s racing.

120 points from a maximum possible of 125 meant leading the championship by 25 points after 1 round.


14th April 2018 : UKC Round 2

UKC Round 2 start
UKC Round 2

Starting Heat 1 on pole position, a couple of “off-circuit excursions” meant 4th place by lap 2, but a determined drive saw 2nd place on lap 4, chasing the lead.  Being overtaken under a yellow flag in lap 6 meant a drop to 3rd place and finished there in 3rd.

After starting Heat 2 from 4th on the grid, a fantastic drive saw Eoin take 3rd on lap 1, and chase down the leaders. Taking 2nd place on lap 6 and then a great move on the final lap secured the win.

After the chequered flag, on the way back into the pits, a photographer was standing in the narrow pit-entry lane, blocking the way of returning karts. He did not get out of the way of the karts, and in an attempt to avoid injuring the photographer, Eoin’s rear wheel caught on a metal fence-post causing too much damage to repair on the day.   A very disappointing end to the day, and all blame lies squarely with the photographer who directly disobeyed the instructions from the Clerk of the Course to stay out of the pit entry lane.

Total points for the day was a mere 43.

16th June 2018 : UKC Round 3

A late race-entry meant having to start every heat from the back of the grid. Challenge accepted !

Heat 1, and a decent start saw a couple of places gained in first lap, from 6th up to 4th. Lap 3 saw another place gained to 3rd, but by then the two leaders had pulled a big gap.  Even with fastest lap overall, the gap was too big to close them down, and at the end was just over half a second.  Finished 3rd.

Starting at the back again, got up to 4th by lap 2, but bad luck struck, and a slow puncture in the rear right slowed things down. Held onto 4th for a couple of laps, but dropped back to 5th by lap 5, and finished in 5th.

Heat 3 was a big improvement, starting from the back once again, but gaining 3 places on lap 1 saw 3rd place. Another place gained on lap 3, up to 2nd, chasing the leader, and a great move into turn 4 saw Eoin take the lead, and pull away, finishing 2.3 seconds ahead.

Starting in 2nd place for the final, a determined drive saw Eoin take the lead and pull away, securing the win.

Total points for the day was 108.  Not a bad outcome, considering having to start at the back for every heat.

24th July 2018 : UKC Round 4

After starting in 5th place, Eoin was 4th after lap 1 and he stayed in position until lap 5/8 where he moved into 3rd place and that was where he finished heat 1.

In heat 2 Eoin started from pole position and after a strong start Eoin was leading on lap 5/8 he began to battle with the driver in 2nd but tragedy struck on lap 6 where Eoin was shunted from behind by the driver in 2nd and they both spun out. Eoin finished the heat in 5th.

In heat 3 starting from 6th, Eoin made a great start and was 2nd at the end of lap 1. He held position until lap 5 when a battle with the driver behind cost them both a lot of time. Eoin held on to finish in 2nd.

In the final, Eoin started in 5th and was in 4th at the end of lap 1. But at the start of lap 2 in an attempt to overtake the guy in front Eoin was alongside but the other driver swerved across the track in the braking zone and  they made contact, both drivers spun out and Eoin was stranded trying to get his kart started for several laps and when the race was over Eoin was given full blame for the incident and was disqualified from the final.

Points tally for the day a disappointing 53.


15th September 2018 : UKC Round 5

After starting in 2nd for heat 1 Eoin had a great start was in the lead at the end of lap 1 and he never looked back. He finished in 1st.

For heat 2 he started in 3rd and took 2nd on lap 1. but a mistake at the mid point of the race cost him 2nd place and he finished in 3rd.

For heat 3, Eoin started in 3rd and nothing at all happened for him that race and he stayed 3rd all race.

For the final Eoin started in 2nd but lost a place going into turn 1 but luckily for him the 2 leaders made contact and spun out meaning Eoin could cruise home in the lead and win the Tommy Rodgers Memorial Trophy.

The points tally for round 5 was 111 out of 125.

6th October 2018 : UKC Round 6

In a duel of the title rivals Eoin started from first and won heat 1.

Eoin started 2nd for heat 2 but a move into turn 4 on lap 1 gave Eoin the lead and again he went on to win.

It was make or break for Eoin in this heat, if he won this heat he would win the championship and Eoin was in prime position because after starting 2nd he chased down the leader and took the lead at the start of lap 2 into turn 1. After defending his lead all race he lost the lead on the last lap with 3 corners to go. He finished in 2nd.

In the final Eoin started in pole position and he held the lead the whole way until the penultimate lap, but his title rival needed to win the final to win championship and he barged Eoin out of the way and continued to steer into him pushing him into the gravel trap but he got a penalty. So Eoin won the race.

Eoin picked up another 120 points and won the UKC championship.