2017 Rotax Mini-Max

In 2017, Eoin Grady took part in the Ulster Karting Club championship, racing in the very competitive Rotax Mini-Max class.

With a pooled engine scheme run by the club, there was always a good grid of racers, and the racing was always very close and exciting.

Even with no testing or practicing, Eoin was able to secure many wins in both heats and finals.

Unfortunately, due to missing two complete rounds out of the 6, winning the championship was out of reach, but some fantastic drives gave many wins and podium finishes gave 452 points to secure Eoin 3rd place in the Ulster Karting Club (UKC) championship, only 9 points off 2nd place, and a mere 42 points off the championship winner.

  • Round 1 was a clean sweep, winning all 3 heats and the final, securing the maximum 125 points
  • Round 2 was missed, no points !
  • Round 3 was another clean sweep, again winning all 3 heats and the final, adding another maximum points score of 125.
  • Round 4 was missed, no points again !
  • Round 5  was a difficult day, finishing the heats in 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and 3rd in the final, adding a decent point tally of 99 points
  • Round 6 gave yet another 4 podiums, 3rd, 1st, 2nd in the heats and securing 2nd in the final to give 103 points.
2017 UKC Mini Max Results
2017 UKC Minimax Results